Care Guides

Q: How to wash cashmere items?

A: Fill the basin or sink with warm water, around 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Add a small amount of cashmere care wool shampoo  or just shampoo for your hair! Because cashmere is the undercoat of Cashmere Goats, it would be best to treat cashmere items gently as you treat yourself.

Gently swirl it around in a circular motion. Don’t pull, stretch or rub the fabric. This can change the shape of the item and ruin it. Do this for two to five minutes, depending on how soiled the garment is.

Lay the item on top of a towel and gently squeeze out the moisture. Carefully pull into shape and lay flat to dry. Never hang cashmere as the shape can be distorted easily. Please do not put in the sun or directly on a heater. Strong heat shrinks cashmere.

         Credit to: The Laundress SoHo


Q: How to store cashmere?

A: Moths love cashmere, especially when your cashmere items placed in a moisturized environment. Do not use hangers as they will stretch the cashmere. Fold items up and store in a zip-lock bags. For extra security, line the bags with anti-moth drawer liners. All our pieces come with zip-lock bags to keep them safe:)


Q: Why my cashmere items get pilling?

A: Pilling occurs as a result of the fabric rubbing against itself or other surface. That’s why the sides of sweaters and the insides of forearms are likely to pill first. Pills form when yarn become loose or when the ends are exposed and then tangle together. Theoretically, items made from finer yarn and knitted tightly is less prone to pilling. Unfortunately, pilling can not be entirely eradicated because of attributes of natural fibers. Lay items flat and use a cashmere comb or brush to remove pills.  Never use a razor or scissors as you will make it worse.


Q: How to remove wrinkles from cashmere items?

A: Your new premium W.Cashmere items may have experienced wrinkles while in transit, to help remove wrinkles we recommend using a steamer. Run the steamer in a downward stroke while maintaining a slight distance between steamer and garment. If a steamer is not available, cover the cashmere item with a cloth and hold the iron approximately ½ inch above the item. Release short bursts of steam as you go. Allow items to dry completely.