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Our Story

At an early age, our founder knew she had something special that she wanted to give to the world, but as you know, sometimes it takes time to find the perfect gift.

As she set out to discover what she wanted to do, she began to see herself in others.

The radiance of women who were artistic, bold, inspiring, feminine, vibrant, compassionate and sympathetic to people and aware of their responsibility to the world became a motivating factor for Sharon to create something that gave back to these inspiring women, thus w. cashmere was born.

W. Cashmere by Sharon Wang is premium cashmere goods sourced responsibly from the Pamirs Mountain in between Tibet and Xinjiang Province, China, which is in the same region of the original birthplace of cashmere.

All of the material we source is biodegradable and obtained from Cashmere Goats with a cruelty-free process that supports the indigenous people who, herd and raise the goats.We believe, these people are the most beautiful part of the process. Their love for nature and the earth around them is profound and is an inspiration to us, which we want to share with everyone to create lasting change in the area of sustainability and an overall respect for the natural beauty of Mother Earth.

We have embarked on this journey to deliver sustainable beauty to everyone through W. Cashmere. We are devoted to delivering the highest quality cashmere made with love from the source.

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