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We Are Proud of What We Have

Discover the unparalleled combination of strength, adaptability, softness, and warmth of pure Cashmere, it’s all about controlling the quality from the source. Not all Cashmere is created equal.

  • Compared to Inner Mongolia, the Pamirs Mountains of China where we source cashmere are less competitive economically, so herders can practice their long-time traditional methods of raising goats which takes more time, effort and care. Only a limited number of goats are raised in this spacious area so goats experience a better quality of life and produce a superior quality of hair, made with kindness and care from the start.

  •  W. Cashmere fibers can reach 15.5um in diameter and 38mm in length, which makes them softer, lighter, and warmer than Cashmere produced in other origins. W. Cashmere is much warmer and breathable to keep you just the right temperature.

  • 70% of the Cashmere we source is also naturally white, which is the most valuable color and the rarest. By starting with white Cashmere hairs, we can dye vibrant colors with fewer steps that lasts longer. This also means we remove a damaging step from the coloring process that most other stores’ cashmere endures.

  •  We collaborate with a manufacturer in Xinjiang Province, China. This manufacturer was founded in 1980 and went public in 1998. The manufacturer possesses advanced production process, technologies, equipment and management methods from Germany, Japan, and Italy. We found it is the manufacturer that still holds the ancient standards of craftsmanship and respect for the environment in every part of the process to produce these garments.

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